Taking Advice

Only take advice from people who live the life you want.

That was my social media status a few days back. It’s a piece of advice that has served me well over the last eight years and a spin off of “if you want what they have, do what they do.” We all have something in our life we want to change – a habit, an outlook, a situation – something. We have our “people” we go to for advice. But do those people have the habit, outlook, or situation we want? The question is worth asking. If not, why are we looking there?! What they would do, got them exactly where they are. So, unless you want that, you must seek out the advice of someone who is already living the life you want. Those people, the ones living that life you desire, know how to get there because they’ve done it! There is no speculation. They have walked the path you are searching for and cannot only give you directions on how to get there – they can help you navigate the road itself. Yes, we most definitely need to find what works for us, but asking the advice of someone who has found what works for them and doing that first, is a fantastic place to start.

It can be so simple. If you want what people have, do what they do. If they don’t have what you want, don’t do what they do – or would do “if it were them.”

With Grace & Gratitude…


Photo: flickr/marioantonio

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