Listening to the Universe

I’ve said for a long time the Universe has three stages of intensity to get our attention. It usually starts as a quiet and repetitive thought, such as, I really should get new tires or I need to make that phone call.Then it moves to little inconveniences that slow us down a smidge. And if, still, there’s no acknowledgement on our part, the Universe will move to full-on roadblocks such as health crises or a life catastrophe to get us to stop what we’re doing and listen. There’s no set time on how long we will be allowed to stay in one stage or another. Isn’t not listening like playing Russian roulette? We could be there for days or a year; we never know. So, what if we trained ourselves to listen when the push was still gentle? We all know what that voice sounds like; it’s that “something told me to…” voice we don’t often acknowledge until we’ve had that flat tire, or made the phone call too late only to find out we missed the deadline. 
May you all be mindful this week of any repetitive thoughts and ideas you’re having and take action if necessary. It could be a warning or the very advice you’ve been seeking. Either way, what gift! You could be saving yourself a lot of obstacles down the road. 
With Grace & Gratitude…
Photo credit: flickr/BRosen
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