Better than Trusting the Process

Anytime we want something, we want it as soon as possible. Call it human nature, call it our culture, call it a lack of delayed gratification programming- call it whatever you want. One of my lifelong lessons has been in patience, letting go, and allowing the universe to unfold in the most beautiful way. Can you relate? Caught in the ever-repeating tide of wanting something and waiting for it to arrive, I have reminded myself to “trust the process,” sometimes gently, sometimes with irritation. Yesterday, as I laid back in a zero gravity chair, one of five people receiving reflexology from a peer, my perception on that phrase was changed in a unforeseen moment. The gal next to me, about 12 inches from my face, told me simply and sweetly, to accept the process. In her similar story, that, was what freed her – not just trusting the process but accepting it.

I related instantly. There really is a difference. There is subtle undertone of cooperation, opening, and receptivity in acceptance. The ego puts it’s head down and closes it’s mouth. Suddenly, we aren’t fighting and exhausting ourselves. We are walking with, flowing with, and working with the universe that is so graciously working to give us what we have asked for.

I think it’s time to not only trust this process but to accept it. I have done everything within my power to bring about my hearts deepest desires. I have prepared on all levels and feel ready. But I have also carried a wall of resistance to certain avenues and input. I have, at times, been quite stubborn. I will continue to take divinely guided action and remain prepared to receive but a level of accepting this process must also be embraced. After all, it is absolutely temporary.

With Grace & Gratitude…

“Accept the process” – P.G.


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