Maybe It’s Not About The Coronavirus

This viewpoint may not be taken well by some, but hear me out…

IF everything is symbolic, IF everything around us, in our lives and in our world, is a direct reflection of our deeper selves and a dire balancing act… what are we seeing right now? What are we experiencing and feeling? Which way are the tides shifting? What “good” is rising up, and what “bad” is being brought into our awareness for healing and keeping, or feeling and releasing?

We all have been urged for a couple decades now to slow down. We have been asked to look at what we really need vs. what we really want. We’ve been guided to look at ourselves and our relationships. The universe has been asking us, as a whole, a society, to stop for a moment, and we didn’t. Now, it’s telling us we must; our ability to choose has been taken. So, now what?

Let us look at our lives. Let’s use this time to change something. What works, what doesn’t? What needs to go, what needs love, and what needs to come in? This is a time of death and rebirth. Did no one find it ironic this happened during Easter? Instead of focusing on the things we can’t do right now, ask what can we do? We can surrender. We can embrace our families. We can spend this time creating a new foundation for a new life or new career if we’ve found we’ve outgrown our old one. We can be creative again. So many of us have lost our passions and creative nature, now we are being forced to be creative if we are to survive this. The world needs this part of us to re-awaken.

This current is moving, and we are all in it. Let’s have a little more faith, and a little less fear.

Everything is symbolic.

With Grace & Gratitude…

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