Book Review: You are a BADASS

I was gifted this book last fall by my wife in the midst of my biggest depression since I found raw sobriety in 2008. It is the first book I’ve finished in a while. As fate would have it, someone else gifted me the small “badass button” and a pocket book around the same time. Obviously, the Universe was trying to send me a message.

The overall theme of this book is to love yourself. Every chapter ends with a handful of numerical action steps one can do to achieve the advice humorously laid out before it, and the last bullet point is always … love yourself and a reason why. 

When I began reading this book I didn’t love myself very much. I was low. I felt like a piece of shit – a failure to those I cared about and cared about me. Nothing I did was enough and so much responsibility that felt like mine but simply, wasn’t. Numbness took over my body and mind, and I laid in bed staring at the wall listening to my own breath for what seemed like hours somedays. I was lost, again, and so pissed off about it.

Jen Sincero’s humoristic delivery was able to trick my defense mechanisms and creep by the walls I had created to isolate myself from the world. Most chapters are less than 10 pages – an easy read. Even for someone who wanted to sleep all the time. She was straight to the point and called out all my bullshit as if she were sitting next to my sad self. I’m a sucker for swear words, and they top this book like extra sprinkles on a white icing cupcake. It was light and didn’t overwhelm my already heavy brain and heart. Like a pinch of tough love with a wink. 

She told me to get rid of my storiesforgive or festerremember to surrender, and to get over my B.S. already. Followed by the sweet sentiment to love myself, because, everybody benefits, it’s the Holy Grail of happiness, and most of all – I deserved it. 

This book came at the perfect time, as I believe all books do. They find us, we don’t find them. I’m grateful for this book, and to Sabrina for being the vessel that brought it to me. It was like the good weather I needed to make the trek a little easier. 

With Grace & Gratitude…

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