Bach Flower Remedies

I use and recommend these as a way to ease overwhelming mental or emotional experiences that may be holding one back from reaching their desired state of mental or physical health. I’ve been known to refer to them as “Bach Drops” or Bach Flower Essences, these remedies are homeopathic in nature created to alleviate the emotional and/or mental components that may be interfering with physical healing or overall well-being. The come in 15ml dropper bottles and can be placed directly under the tongue or in any liquid. They can be used multiple times a day.

Most remedies are available in the office.

Hide problems behind a cheerful face/secretly troubledAgrimonyCheerfulness stems from a real sense of self-acceptance and inner joy.
Vague fears, generalized anxieties. Feelings of insecurity. AspenInner peace, security, and fearlessness.
Intolerance of others, over-critical, always right, need to see the good in things/peopleBeechTolerance and a sense of compassion.
Week-willed and easily taken advantage of. Find it hard to say no.CentauryBecome in touch with what you want and follow your own path.
Difficulty making decisions without input from others. Lack of self-confidence in decisions.CeratoTrust your own inner wisdom and follow it. Self-assured and decisive.
Fear of losing control. Impulsive. Fear of saying or doing something dreadful. Panic.Cherry Plum (in Rescue Remedy)A calm mind that allows you to act rationally and with self-control.
Failure to learn from past mistakes and experiences. Forgetful or spacey. Helps with learning disorders.Chestnut budObjectively observe and learn from own mistakes.
Overly possessive and over-protective of others.ChicoryAble to care for others unselfishly, offering genuine maternal and paternal love.
Dreaminess, difficulty/lack of interest in the present.Clematis (in Rescue Remedy)Present in the moment. Interest in the world around, enjoyment of life.
Poor self-image, sense of un-cleanliness. Feel impure or violated. Good for repetitive hand-washing.Crab AppleAcceptance of oneself and one’s imperfections
Over-whelmed by responsibility. Feeling tired, depressed, or discouraged.ElmRestoration of one’s inner strength. Self-assuredness.
Easily discouraged with small set-backs. Give up too easily. Doubting oneself. “Here we go again” mentality.GentianRealization that there is no such thing as failure when you are doing your best. Realistic optimism.
Hopelessness and despair, for people who have given up. Useful in chronic illness for those who believe “nothing will work.”GorseRestore a sense of faith and hope. Open’s one mind to possibilities.
Pre-occupied with oneself. Self-concerned. Selfish and over-talkative about oneself. Unhappy being alone for any length of time.HeatherGood listener who is generous in helping others. Genuine interest in others. Selfless.
Envious, jealous, feeling of hatred or extreme intolerance. Feelings of revenge. Hard time forgiving people.HollyGenerous-heart able to give without making demands. Ability to forgive and compromise.  
Dwells on the bast and “what might have been.” Regrets. Flashbacks. Homesickness. Wishing you had done something differently.HoneysuckleAbility to live in the present, able to move forward without regret.
“Monday Morning Feeling.” Mental weariness. Procrastination. Difficulty starting things. Lack of motivation.HornbeamCertainty of one’s strength and ability to face the day’s work.
Impatience, especially with people. Prefer to work alone. Anxious for an absolution or resolution.Impatiens (in Rescue Remedy)Someone who is decisive and patient. Less hasty in action. Able to tolerate delays.
Lack of self-confidence. People who don’t try due to fear of failure. Feelings of inferiority.LarchDetermined and capable with a realistic sense of self -esteem.  
Fear of known things, such as, illness, death, accidents, spiders, the dark, etc.MimulusQuiet courage to face trials and difficulties with humor and confidence.
When doom and gloom descend for no obvious reason. Good for SAD.MustardReturn of joy, supported by an inner stability and peace.
Lack of energy, exhaustion to tears. Feeling completely drained.OliveRestoration of strength, vitality, and interest in life. Peace of mind. Helps to revitalize and “get going” again.
Ignores tiredness, difficulty switching out of work mode, keeps going despite exhaustionOakRestores energy and helps to recognize when to take break or time off.
Self-reproach and guilt, blame themselves. Even when successful feel they could have done better. Perfectionists. Too hard on yourself. Over-apologizing.PineAccept responsibility realistically and have sound judgement.
Fear or over concern for others and welfare of others. Imaging the worst that could happen to others.Red ChestnutAbility to care for others with compassion but without anxiety.
Terror such as being in an accident, or nightmares. For emergency situations, panic, sudden-onset illness or injury. Feeling “paralyzed with fear.”Rock Rose (in Rescue Remedy)Courage and presence of mind. The person is calm and self-forgetful.
Inflexible, self-denial, take things too seriously, deny themselves pleasures and joy in life. Those who set unrealistic high standards.Rock WaterAbility to hold high ideals with flexible mind. Willing to deviate from their plan and change their mind.
Uncertainty and indecision, especially when choosing between two options.ScleranthusCertainty and decisiveness with poise and balance in all circumstances.
After effects of shock, mental or physical. Traumas.Star of Bethlehem (in Rescue Remedy)Neutralize the effects of trauma, whether immediate or delayed.
Extreme mental anguish, at point of breakdown. Embarrassment and humiliation. “Can’t take anymore.”Sweet ChestnutLiberation from despair and despondency. Peace of mind and faith that all is good.
Over-enthusiasm. Set in ways, close-minded. Argumentative.VervainCalm, wise and tolerant. Able to relax and take broad view of life and events.
Assertive and inflexible, often very capable and ambitious.  “Alpha” types. Overbearing, even with good intentions.VineDetermination without domination. Encourage and see the good in others. Allow people to make their own decisions/mistakes.
Protection from change and outside influences. Assists with transitions and big life changes. Helps one stay true to themselves.WalnutAbility to move forward and remain steadfast to one’s own path in life. Adapt easily to life transitions.
May appear proud, aloof, prefers to be alone. Struggle to connect with others or make new friends.Water VioletWarmer relationships with others, while maintaining one’s own wisdom.
Unwanted throughs. When thoughts and worries go round and round in one’s head. Insomnia. Focus.White ChestnutPeace of mind, head is clear and thinking is under control. Fall asleep faster, better sleep.
Uncertainty of one’s own needs. Lack of commitment. Unsure of life path/career.Wild OatClear picture of what to do in life. Positive ideas and ambitions.
Resignation and apathy, for those how are resigned. Passionless. Give up easily.Wild RoseLively interest in life, work and the world in general.
Self-pity and resentment. Feel like a victim. Feel like life has been unfair. Holding onto old hurts.WillowAllows people to forgive and forget past injustices and enjoy life.
Acute situations where attention, calm, and clear thinking are called for quickly.Rescue Remedy   (Contains 5 remedies – Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose)Helps one to quickly focus and feel confident and in control.

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