About Dottie


Reiki found me 12 years ago, just a few years after moving to Michigan from Tennessee and beginning what I often referred to as my spiritual journey. I’ve spent the last decade in self-study about energy, intuition, chakras, benefits of alternative healing modalities, various religious beliefs, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, mediumship, the human body, nutrition, and the human experience of transition from life to death.

Last year, I left my full-time job as a registered nurse to focus on complimentary medicine (and selling houses but that’s another story).  Over the years, I’ve performed Reiki on children, animals, hospice patients, and many others. I enjoy writing, kayaking, yoga, being a wife & mother, and helping others. I’ve had articles published with elephantjournal.com and Body Mind Spirit Guide out of metro Detroit. In my early career, I worked with the Michigan Psychic Fair and at Inner Wisdom in Southfield, MI.

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