“As always an experience that never disappoints! I was just feeling off a few weeks ago and decided I needed to see Dot! I had an amazing reiki session that left me feeling relaxed, renewed and a sense of clarity that I was lacking upon arrival. She recommended the Rescue Bach flower Essence. I have been feeling fantastic since adding to my daily routine. I am so grateful for Dot’s passion in healing and wellness for others.” – Jamie H., Saint Johns, MI.

“I was unsure what to expect on my first visit, but Dot was amazing! She walked me through every step, and made me completely at ease! My body felt refreshed and relaxed, it was truly amazing! Would (and have!) recommend to anyone!” – J.G., Saint Johns, MI.

“Reiki has been extremely beneficial in relieving multiple issues for me. I have experienced digestive issues and gastric reflux for years and after receiving Reiki my reflux was dramatically improved. It has also helped relieve aches and pains as they have come about especially joint pain such as my knees and shoulder. I truly do not understand how it works, but I know that it does and every session is a unique experience.” – Sabrina F., Saint Johns, MI.

” I felt comfortable and relaxed during the session and left feeling light with great energy.” – Jen J., Saint Johns, MI.

” I felt very relaxed after my session but mostly noticed how free my hips felt. I have had disk degeneration for years which comes with pain and uncomfortable tightness. Massage helps but I love trying all body works. I went for a walk later in the day and just felt so amazing!” – B.P., Saint Johns, MI.

If you would like to leave a testimonial please feel free to email me! I’d be honored to feature more of your experiences. – Dot

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